Thursday, 25 April 2013

Restaurant Review - The Blue Fox Cafe


On Saturday morning, Deanna and I hit up this Bohemian, famous yet humble looking joint. She got there at 9:25am and was 3rd in line. I was a few minutes late because the bus I was going to take broke down (Don't even get me started on Victoria public transit).

When I got there(9:35), it looked like a tourist attraction, the line up was about 15-20 people long. We waited about 15 minutes to get seated which wasn't too bad. 

There are a very limited amount of seating and thankfully, just the right amount of homeyness(not too squishy). It's very lively and the brick walls made me happy. 

I would categorize the Blue Fox Cafe as a place of healthy comfort food.

I ordered an apple cider which was tasty. They put a lime wedge on the side which I thought was cute. Surprisingly, the tart taste of lime goes VERY well with the sweetness of the apple. I was impressed! 

Next, I ordered the Peasant Toast, which is clearly not made for peasants because it was flavorful and the presentation was spot on. 

Cross Section

There are a few pieces of multi-grain toast (4 or 5) with vanilla cream icing on top, then Bananas and honey to top everything off. It was mouth watering good. I enjoyed every bit (AND every bite) of it. 

However, I do not agree that this cafe has overly large portions, the portions were standard. Either this or I had a gigantic appetite(You can decide from the pictures). 

Overall, it was a very good time with tasty food. 3 Different servers came to our table, one after the other, which was a little bit.. inconsistent, but they were very nice!!  

I would definitely go back again. 

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