Friday, 4 January 2013

Restaurant Review - Lido Restaurant 麗都餐廳


We ordered He Fen (Pronounce He like the He in "Hell"), which is this slightly translucent, thick, silky noodles. As well as the pineapple bun.

 The noodles with beef were undoubtedly delicious and hot and fulfilling all around. (Big portions and no MSG). The Pineapple bun, however, had some confusion. I don't enjoy a thick slice of butter in pastries, and somehow she assumed I wanted a extra thick slice of butter for a extra amount of money. Hmm.. The pineapple bun was delicious anyway, but it could have been a lot better without butter. Sneaky lady? Maybe.

Service was pretty much non-existent as she walked by a million times. Nice when she actually got to our table.

Food was very delicious, she also gave us HK tea with condensed milk, delicious.

Bad service but my mom and I still had a very good time!

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