Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Restaurant Review - Sha Lin Noodle House (少林麵莊)


     Service was quick, but the quality of the service was mediocre (first waitress was a little rude but the second one was good). Interior is clean and looks quite new. Now onto the food.

     They have delicious soup noodles. I had the tofu vegetable dragging noodles  with vegetable soup (dragging noodles are the ones that are chewy and one of my my favourites ) It was really really good! However, I do suspect MSG because it made me very thirsty afterwards EDIT: did a little research, they don't use MSG! I devoured it nevertheless.

The 鱼香茄子(Eggplant with meat) was not as good as Corner 23's (this is one of my favourite Asian eats!!), but it was pretty good. The sauce was slightly tangy which was interesting. The portion was really big and the food was super hot (definitely a +!)

They did not accept MasterCard. Which was a nuisance. Also they only accept debit for purchases bigger than $20? So strange and a little off putting. However, my mother talked to the owner and she let us use MasterCard, because it was snowing outside and the bank was a few blocks away.

All in all, the food was pretty good, my mom and I enjoyed it! Definitely recommend the dragging noodles(拉面).
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