Monday, 13 August 2012

Resturant Rave - Hamburger Mary's Diner

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I docked a .25 point off because the tables and chairs, although kept very clean, are not the cutest or nicest tables, they were inexpensive, very not attractive table and chairs.

Please cut to 4:43 to see footage (food) of this Diner

Hamburger Mary's is a retro Diner that opens late every day of the week with great music and great people serving you great food.

After the fireworks, we went to this diner on Davie and Bute. It has such a layback feel to it, the music was perfect, there were James Dean posters on the wall. The server was very hilarious and helpful.

The portions are huge at Mary's, and their milkshakes are incredible. They are made of yougurt and 2% milk but tastes like a million bucks. I got a raspberry one which was heavenly AND healthy. It was a giant milkshake, so it can be shared with someone else.

In addition to the milkshake, I also got a plate of fries, which were not the best fries I've ever eaten in my life, but they were pretty great fries. I also had gravy on top, and right afterwards, I realized I don't like gravy very much, though the fries & milkshake filled me up completely.

I would definitely go back to this place again and enjoy that milkshake and the friendly atmosphere, maybe try one of their burgers or another dish.

Peace,love and totally glad we went

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