Saturday, 25 August 2012

Resturant Overview - White Spot

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White spot is a chain restaurant that is a tiny step down from Cactus club, Earls and Milestones. The decor is wooden tables and booths, nothing amazing but certainly not bad. It's always kept clean and I would recommend the booths. The ones I've been to do not have good views outside nor nice paintings on the walls (but they do have TVs if you want to watch sports!)

I've been to White Spot around 4 times this month, which is ridiculous. But, in good news, now I can properly give you an overview of the place! (Some dishes were not eaten from this month but from past trips)

For breakfast:
  • Santa Fey Breakfast Burrito is bad (unflavorful). Don't get it. The new "smash" browns are pretty bad too.
  • Berry patch waffle is good, I really like it
  • Butter milk stacks are not as good as the waffles, but still delicious & unhealthy (Oh well)
For lunch & dinner:

  • The BC chicken burger is really nice and juicy, I really like it.
  • The Dippin' Chicken is good for a small meal, not spicy at all (I wish they added cajun powder as a choice)
  • The legendary Burger is good for a beef burger
  • The Portobello Mushroom burger is okay for a veggie burger, nothing special
  • The chicken Caesar wrap is typical, you won't not like it
  • Fettuccine Alfredo is reaaaally good.
All burgers come with fries that are bottomless, the fries are flat looking. They are .. fries.

For dessert, the sampler is great! 3 desserts on one plate and they are usually all good.
And their milkshakes are super sweet and delicious.

That's about it! :) Hope this was helpful!

Peace,love and milkshakessss...

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