Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Resturant Rave - Steamrollers

My rating : 4.5/5

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Steamrollers is a Mexican easy food place. I wouldn't consider it fast food because it is healthy.
This place had good food. Both my friend and I got burritos. I got the chicken one while he got the buffalo super deluxe. It was his first time having buffalo meat and he really liked it.

The size is decent, nothing enormous but enough to fill you up for lunch. For being under $10 I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Steamrollers is made for the health conscious. For the burritos, the "wrap" is steamed and all the rice and beans and meat of your choice seemed very healthy too. One small problem is that she did not put salt in either of our dishes. I'm not sure if it was done on purpose or just a mistake. Either way, I liked this low sodium thing. If you would like, there is burrito sauce on the table (spicy) and you can add it to your burrito.

I really loved it. Would recommend this if you are trying to be healthy and looking for a quick lunch. However, I wish they had handmade ice-tea or a better choice of healthy drinks.

This is my Mexican food fix place until Chipotle comes to Vancouver!

Peace,love and Steamrollers is delicious


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