Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Restaurant Rave - Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen

4.8/5 stars

Please go to 0:07 - 0:34 to see the food that we got from Sofra.

Sofra is a fairly new place in Kerrisdale and I've heard good things about it, so today, my friends and I checked it out! I am definitely revisiting this little restaurant, because they have fresh dishes (things I've never tried before).

So after the Avengers craze, I HAD to try/munch on Shawarma. I was very glad that this restaurant had it , and you know what, I had the. exact. expression. as the Avengers when they ate it.

It's good, but nothing that makes you go PING PONG WOW. I would describe it as a Souvlaki inside a pastry/ wrap instead of Pita. I don't think I will be getting another Shawarma from this place, BUT I will be coming back for other dishes. My friends ordered Pides and it's very similar to a pizza and it looked down right delicious.

The price is decent and under $10. I loved their decor, so interesting and very bohemian. Their front of the store is completely open which is just lovely. However, it is pretty hot inside since they have an open kitchen. Try to get a seat that's outside.

Another thing that was slightly disappointing by is that they don't have desserts, at least not yet, or I didn't see them. They also don't have cold handmade beverages, however, they do have nice bottled tea.

The owner is super nice and their service is very good. I do recommend this place. Especially if you are looking for something fresh and new on your taste buds.

Although the Shawarma was not as flavorful as I thought it would be (a little spicy which I liked), I did enjoy it.

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Peace,love and very happy

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