Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Resturant Rave - Red Robin

5/5 - Will be revisitng.

Please check 0:41 - 0:54 for our food, in video form! :)

Red Robin has a very Retro feel on the inside. I actually appreciated that they played Top 40 music because we could sing along the lyrics and it made the play very lighthearted.

I adored Red Robin. The bottomless drinks and fries made me a happy camper. The waitress was very helpful and my friends and I had a really good time. The price was also very affordable, my bill came to around $18 dollars and even though I gave a 20% percent tip, and the bill was still under $25!

I had a chicken wrap which was okay, will definitely order something else next time. Although it didn't taste amazing, it was pretty healthy (not fried) and did fill me up.

The four of us all had dirty(? Can't remember the exact name) strawberry lemonades which were delicious. Sweet but very tasty.

I will definitely be back, although it probably isn't a good idea to have a food baby, Red Robin is irresistible.

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Peace,love and very happy

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