Friday, 13 July 2012

Restaurant Review 5 Forty Cafe

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This cafe has a very extensive menu as well as glass bottled Coke and Sprite which I appreciated. I ordered a veggie burger with Cilantro which was pretty good. I noticed that they used the same patty that I've bought once for a BBQ at home. Warning: this burger is VERY spicy because of the jalapenos, if you can't take the heat, do ask them to put less jalapenos. One downside was that although the service was fast, the burger was only lukewarm, and I like my burgers well grilled.

My mom got "The Garlic" which was a garlic sandwich with turkey. This was really delicious and well grilled. She enjoyed it very much.

The interior is small but clean (They do have seating outside too!). The service is great as they are super friendly and helpful. The food was pretty healthy, above average, enjoyable and the price was good for a vacation village. I would definitely recommend this place for a relaxing, humble lunch.
Please go to 1:00 to see my burger. :)

Peace,love and pleased

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