Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Resturant Rave - Pho Tau's Vietnamese Resturant

5/5 stars

Pho Tan's Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

From an unknown reason, I was craving Pho a lot, a lot. This Pho place is amazing. Cheap and delicious. And although the interior isn't pretty, it's functional and kept pretty clean.

Last time I went, the food came so fast and it was absolutely heavenly, that pho soup is MMM gOOD. I ordered Chicken Pho ($6 for the small size... WHAT A STEAL!) and I think my friend ordered Beef Pho. Their customer service is good too. Just enough attention, not too pushy.
Next time I'm craving Pho, I'm definitely coming back here.

Super happy with this place. :)

Peace,love and Pho

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