Monday, 4 June 2012

Restaurant Review - Las Margaritas


I've been here twice, one with my mother and another with my friends.

The atmosphere is really cute and the servers are always super nice.

However, the food, in my opinion, is over rated/ over priced.

Either they messed up my order or it's just strange. The food tastes pretty good tho.

I ordered a burrito and my friend ordered this other chicken filled thing.

We got the exact same thing. It was weird. Her order came to around $15 where as my came to $20

Maybe when I'm 19, I will go back for the margaritas, but in these few months, I won't be visiting soon, especially since it seems like I pay too much for food haha.

Last time when my mom and I went, we ended up spending around $60, but I don't remember ordering tons of food or anything.

The servers are SUPER nice though.

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Peace,love and Love Sophie's diner

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