Thursday, 28 August 2014

Whistler Eats: Grill & Vine Whistler


I apologize for not having any photos. I did take a ton of photos but my phone was wiped clean recently. Just imagine a good ol' jolly time.

Grape and Vine is a really spacious and beautiful restaurant in the Westin of Whistler (Which is where I stayed).

I had all of my breakfasts here and all of them were great. Fresh fruit, freshly made omelettes, tons of choices of pastries and sausages and eggs (very well done scrambled eggs). Orange juice. Etc etc.

For BBQ dinner there were burgers, corn, steak, and everything tasted great. The mountain view from the patio is also unbeatable.

I enjoyed my time here very much! Great service as well.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Guide To Eggs

Their eggs are what I eat

I enjoy eggs. They taste great. Especially egg whites. Egg white omelets are one of my favorites breakfast foods. (Starting to sound like a very crappy Dr. Seuss)

Sadly, most of the eggs you get from the grocery store are made from hens that are super cramped and abused and they don't even get enough space for a 180 degree turn. That is sad.

Today I want to talk about the phrases that companies use for Eggs. Just because it's kind of important to be informed. I think.  The regulations are an absolute mess. I have a inkling that it's a mess for a reason.

I've done a little bit of research on this egg-licious topic. Hope this is helpful!

America vs Canada egg policies.

Canada (Best to worst)  [I get mine from the UBC Farm when I can. $7 a dozen but the hens are super happy and healthy. The eggs are great.]

  1. Organic 
  2. Free Range
  3. Cage Free
  4. Free run 
  5. No labels
"Organic" in Canada means the hens must be free range already.
To my knowledge, Free run only means that the chicken can turn 180 degrees.

America (Best to worst)

  1. Free Range
  2. Cage Free   
  3. Organic 
  4. No words


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Restaurant RAVE - Floyd's Diner


Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


Where do I even start. This retro diner was highly frequented on sunday mornings of my first year of Uni. It's never let me down.

The perfect greasy food to soak up your hangover. Always filled to the brim with people. Everything tastes great. Coffee is fresh. Great service.

That chicken and waffles. Oh MY GOD. I almost cried after taking the first bite. I didn't know what I was looking for life, spoiler alert, it's the chicken and waffles from Floyd's.

Love at first bite.

Thank you Floyd's.

Click here to see the glorious chicken and waffles

Did I mention there's a menu item called double or nothing? The chef makes a gigantic improvisation meal, you flip a coin and pay either double or nothing. Gambling with food. A dangerous game indeed.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Restaurant Review - Irish Times Pub


Whilst I was in Victoria, my girlfriends took me to this awesome pub!

I had the Guinness poutine. While I couldn't taste the Guinness, the poutine itself was pretty delicious.  My friend got the Pizza and that was friggin delicious.

The three of us shared a beer sampler to start with and I discovered that I adore Blue Buck and Hated Fat Tug (IPA).

The ambience is great. Very dim, slightly untressed - just how I'd imagine a proper Irish Pub. The guys who work there wear kilts which makes me REALLY happy.

I have two photos on my Instagram of this place. Check them out here! Guinness Poutine    Ambience

There is also free Irish live music 7 nights a week!

Would recommend!
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Movie RAVE: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


3D is the superior choice here.

I pretty much balled my eyes out for the entire movie.  The pace, the animation, the people; everything was just perfect. I sympathized with the antagonists and felt Caesar's undeniable presence every step of the way.

Such a brilliant movie. Oh my GOD so Good. They played my heart like a harp. This movie does not disappoint in the slightest, and I personally think the trailer is a good representation of what you'll get in the movie.

 Watch it now. Highly recommended.